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Beauprty: Embracing Gen Z Uniqueness and Empowering Gen Z to Be Naturally Brave

This group of burgeoning consumers is the first to be born entirely within the digital age. Members, called Gen Z’ers (Zoomers) and succeeding Alpha generation, don’t know a time without the internet, without apps or without instant communication to an extended network of opinion-influencing peers. They are self-reliant digital natives; they socialize, learn and have fun living in a fluid digital world—one in which the boundaries between their online and offline lives blur to the point they are nearly indistinguishable.

As they transcend from adolescence to adulthood, they are beginning to wield an influence on purchasing disproportionate to their ages and personal wealth. And they have specific ideas about what they want, how they want it and how it should be delivered. They expect detailed personalized attention, and they want to be a part of creating the products and services they desire

Gen Zers are both practical and skeptical. Their focus is on quality and authenticity—not on marketing hype. After all, Gen Zers are growing up at a time when “alternative facts” has become a newsworthy phrase, and their familiarity with technology means they are not easily fooled.

One size does not fit all. On the surface, Gen Z is one connected community with similar habits, but technology has provided a vehicle for Gen Zers to interact with brands on their own terms. The fluidity and speed with which GenZ cycles through media platforms and apps potentially make them more challenging to target.

Gen Zers are digitally empowered, always on, and they expect brands to be ready to interact with them 24/7 on their choices of channels and devices. They want to be heard and valued as individuals. They are keenly aware of the power of words via social media and are fiercely protective of their reputations in the digital world. In communicating with them, brands should understand this generation expects two-way engagement. They want brands to be transparent in intent—real, not fake. For Gen Zers, the bottom line is simple: if a product, service or experience does not live up to expectations, they will take their business and their influence elsewhere.

Many gen z embrace idealism and desire to find a cause that can change the world. But far too often, gen z idealism is misunderstood and/or discouraged. For example – Sustainability and authentic social conscious brand is among the top priority for a gen z today.

As a generation of gen z who strongly value their individual identities, Gen Zs appreciate brands that can help them to improve what they see in themselves.

They value brands that can help them to co-create their own unique story, and to connect with them as unique individuals. Internet-savvy and unafraid to speak their minds, zoomers have no problem telling brands what they want. But are brands listening? Based on our focus group discussions and surveys – we don’t think Brands are listening. There is not even a single gen z focused custom lifestyle brand in India.

We @ Beauprty will like to address the same and create a safe ecosystem for gen z where they can learn, grow and become their best naturally brave selves. Our mission:

We want to celebrate the uniqueness of the gen z and enable them to —

Be Yourself. Love Yourself

We want our gen z to Live life as though nobody is watching.

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