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Protect Your Skin from Blue Light Damage with Anti-Blue Light Skincare

Don’t let too many selfies damage your skin

Is blue light bad for your skin?

Playing online games or Scrolling through Youtube until 2:00 AM may be doing more harm than just causing you to miss out on some major beauty sleep!

All screen time, from Instagram stalking your fav celebrity to binge-watching the new show, can be exposing your skin to something called blue light. Unfortunately, blue light doesn’t give you the fresh, happy skin you want. There is dermatological confirmation of evident pigmentation due to overexposure to artificial blue light. The daily exposure to light from the sun and electronic devices induces skin aging Don’t throw out your phone just yet...

As a member of a digitally native generation, disconnecting can be close to impossible. Don’t worry — you don’t have to delete your Instagram app just to save your skin!

Keep reading for the ultimate breakdown on blue light and how you can keep your skin chill with anti-blue light skincare!

What is blue light anyway?

Just about everything seems to have turned digital. From Online classes to online events, unplugging isn’t an option for most of us. With hours of your day spent behind a screen, it’s vital to understand how this may be affecting you.

You may be familiar with the effects blue light can have on your eyes or sleep cycle (you might have already invested in a cute pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes), but digital screens affect your skin too! Blue light is a high-energy visible light (also known as HEV light) that research shows can penetrate your skin. Blue light could actually cause as much damage to your skin as the sun . This blue light damage won’t happen overnight or cause your skin to burn, but because most of us spend time on our phones 24/7, blue light may be just as detrimental!

wait, can’t i just use spf?

There is a pretty huge difference between sunshine and screen light. UV rays belong to the invisible light spectrum, while blue light belongs to the visible light spectrum. SPF is designed to protect your skin from UV rays, not blue light.

UVA and UVB rays affect the first and second layers of skin, while blue light’s longer wavelength reaches all the way to the third layer of your skin. While you are soaking in the screen time, blue light can be doing some pretty serious damage.

The more time you spend in front of the screen, the more you should start protecting yourself. Just like how we all wear sunscreen all day, every day (even on rainy days), the same goes for blue light protection (even on your digital detox days). We @Beauprty have formulated anti-blue light products, so you don’t have to add unplugging to your skincare routine.

What is anti-blue light skin care?

We made blue light protection skincare pretty simple with one powerful ingredient: Hydrolyzed pea protein extract. We love our plant-based ingredients here at Beauprty!

We are the only company in India that is using this Green Ingredient award winner. This Ferment extract obtained through biotechnology from one of the most radiation-resistant microorganisms activates the epidermal photosensors and prepares, protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial light-induced damage.

Our Moisturizer leaves skin looking cute and feeling oh-so hydrated with the help of ingredients like Aloe vera Powder, Tamarind extract, Squalene, sea buckthorn oil. The Moisturizer also contains ingredients for calming skin and reducing itchiness with Chamomile extracts. Hoya Lacunosa Flower extracts protects skins surface from pollution while Hydrogenated Lecithin, Date Seed Extract and Evening Primrose oil makes the skin feel smooth improving texture and detanning the skin.

How Do I Use?
  • Start by cleansing your skin with the Face Cleanser
  • Put on your toner of choice
  • Pat on Up Moisturizer
  • Still thirsty? Add a little more to the dry spots
  • Watch Netflix guilt-free!

Bye-Bye blue light

Just because you have protection against blue light in your skincare routine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t digital detox every now and then. Since digital devices can be hard to avoid, start small. Try putting your phone away 30 minutes before your bedtime rolls around, or set up a digital-free activity with your besties. Did someone say arts and crafts?

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