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Understanding and Engaging with Gen Z: Meeting Their Needs and Values

What Gen Z Want:

Gen Z (Alpha and Gen Z) are our latest generation. On the one hand, you have gen z needing to influence their parents in order to get what they want. But on the other hand, if you look at the influence behaviors of preceding generation, they’re much more likely to be influenced by the gen z on what they want to buy for themselves and for the house.

So, in order for us to understand whether we’re tapping into gen z wants and values, we worked on understanding a little more about what those needs and wants and values are. When we think about gen z, what are some of the characteristics that come up? How is this younger generation typically described?

Based on our Focus group discussions, I think the way in which it’s described is not always in the most positive of terms. So, you may actually have some things questions come out, Are they entitled? Or are they a bit elitist in terms of their beliefs and their perspectives or their demands on brands?

But I think there’s a real authenticity to the gen z in saying they want to breathe new life into what brand responsibility looks like. And one of the biggest elements that’s come out of our discussions in the last few months has been the focus on values.

They’re looking beyond tangible products and actually trying to understand what is it that makes the company tick. What’s its mission? What’s its purpose? And what is it actually trying to build for us as a society? What are they doing for sustainability? And to me, it’s that lifeblood of thought that’s been quite compelling for them.

To engage and convert gen z customers, we need to earn this generation’s trust. All our Gen Z are fatigued by overt ads, so we need to create personalized messages and reach them on newer platforms to cut through the noise.

We now believe that the No. 1 rule of marketing to gen z should be - Don't market to gen z! - do it organically by meeting gen z on their turf. Gen z are not a demographic but a psychographic and our marketing/branding efforts @Beauprty are built on the following principles –

  • Purpose – We are a purpose driven brand. We are building custom products through ethical practices, addressing environment issues with Sustainable packaging and Refill model, addressing gen z specific issues around Destigmatizing taboos around puberty and working on programs which will impact gen z community at scale Digital Wellness, Online Bullying and Gen Z counseling
  • Authenticity - They want authenticity above all, so the tone of our brand is incredibly important. It can be the difference between being honest with consumers and being perceived as capitalizing on trending causes and crisis. For example, lot of brands talk about sustainability whereas their packaging is all in plastic or ‘recyclable’ plastic.
  • Empathetic Listening – We have delayed our launch as we have been working with the gen z closely, hearing them and treating their suggestions with respect.
  • Personalization – We understand that this generation gravitates towards brands that stand out from the crowd and embrace uniqueness. All our current offering and in development products are custom built for them solving their specific issues.
  • Transparency – We are transparent about our ingredients, packaging and their social and environmental impact. For example, we have clearly stated our Clean ingredients policy instead of hiding behind jugglery on ingredients list. We are candid that our Aluminum and Glass packaging still has plastic caps, spray pumps and we are working on recyclable alternative for the same
  • Gen Z Turf – We are building a turf (community) which they identify with, which will be entertaining, communicate in their language and off-beat humor and also co-create future products with them.

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